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Water sofeners have been in use for over a 100 years, they are used in homes in many parts of the country that have hard water.

A typical installation takes approximately half a day, with minimum disruption.

The softeners we install have the highest flow rate of any domestic softener (and lowest pressure drop too!)

The softeners we install have a 7 year parts and 2 labour guarantee.

HE resin as standard, giving a 56% saving on salt compared with conventional softeners.

About Our Domestic Water Softeners

Electric Models

Most popular


Our most popular softener for families. Highest flow rate of any softener

Non Electric Models


Non Electric .The only softeners to use either block or tablet salt

Boiler only care


High capacity protection against scale formation & corrosion​
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Ultimate Midi He

Product description

Great reasons to buy Monarch Ultimate
  • Dimensions 555H x 270W x 485D
  • Connections 3/4″ Male*
  • Family size 1-5
  • Operation : Meter control with Opti-Brining
  • * Denotes Upgrade available

Plumsoft Ultra

Product description

Great reasons to buy Monarch Ultimate

Over 60% of households in the UK suffer the effects of hard water and yet by the relatively simple addition of a water softener, they would enjoy the many personal and household benefits that soft water brings.

A Plumbsoft water softener is a compact modern appliance designed for people who demand the most up to date products. Install a Plumbsoft water softener and you can’t help but notice amazing improvements – all around the home.

  • Dimensions 500H x 268W x 490D
  • Connections 3/4″ Male*
  • Family size 1-8
  • Operation : Duplex meter standby
  • Suitable for both combination and pressurised hot water systems

Combiclean boiler Care

Product description

Great reasons to buy Monarch Ultimate

✓ Unique audible alarm – indicating cartridge change

✓ 360 degree turntable connection for 15 & 22mm pipe work

✓ Suitable for all applications up to 50 lpm

✓ High capacity cartridge

✓ Dual action protection against scale formation and corrosion

✓ Built in bypass for easy cartridge change

✓ Compact and lightweight

✓ Can be used in series with Combifilt

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ 7 year guarantee on main unit

Part L compliant product Combiclean, designed to provide high capacity protection from scale deposits and corrosion, Combiclean is ideal for any cold supply to a hot water system, boiler or appliance. Its compact design, ease of installation and use, makes it an essential component of any energy efficient household.

Compact and light weight, its 360° rotating connector allows installers to fit it at varying angles, being particularly suited for hard-to-reach locations and small technical areas. The system is suitable for both 15mm and 22mm pipe work.

Setting it apart from other scale protection systems, Combiclean’s unique acoustic alarm automatically notifies you when the cartridge needs replacing, giving 24/7 protection and peace of mind from the threats of scale and corrosion